TIPIX 3000

Tipix 3000

The TIPIX series transmitters (2200/3000) are purposely designed for deep induced polarisation or resistivity sounding investigations. They are generally used together with V-Fullwavers or Elrec Pro receivers.

These entry-level instruments have been designed for ease of use and good productivity together with a strong protection against misuse. The very robust devices have proven to be reliable even in very cold weather or in wet environment. They are able to inject up to 2200/3000 W in the soil and up to 13A, so they are suitable even on conductive soils, to measure resistivity and IP at medium range depths. They are powered by standard generator.

With the possibility to limit current, power, voltage, and the different self-test and quality control of the injected signal, the TIPIX ensure a good protection for the device and the operator. The instruments feature a very easy to use interface with 4 buttons on the front face that allow the operator to select manually different voltage injection levels. The “automatic range” mode allow to select automatically the optimal injection level considering the measured contact resistance.

For increased productivity, multiple TIPIX units can be synchronized together via external GPS. The Toff time used for IP measurements is therefore synchronized, so that one can perform several IP measurements on nearby places without interfering from one measurement on the other. Synchronized transmission can also be used for increased signal/noise ratio.

Technical Characteristics

TIPIX 3000
Voltage 0 – 4800 Vpp
Current 0 – 13000 mA
Power 0-3000 W
Synchronisation Auto on GPS PPS
Pulse duration 500ms,1s, 2s, 4s, 8s
Readings Displays output current, output voltage, contact resistance and input power
Resolution / Accuracy 1mA / 1%
Protection Short circuits, thermal protection, Input overvoltage and under-voltage
Power requirements 15 or 230 VAC / 50 or 60 Hz single-phase generator
Weight 31 kg (41x24x32cm)
Operating T -40 to +60°C