I FullWaver

The FullWaver systems were specifically developed for precise full waveform time domain induced polarisation, resistivity and self-potential measurements. Each system is fully independent; incorporating its own power source, GPS module and digital memory for up to 3 months continuous recording.

The I-FullWaver sits in series between the injection electrode and transmitter (e.g. TIPIX, VIP) recording the AB injection current to within 3mA. Sampling at up to 100Hz, the GPS PPS is used to synchronise an internal clock in order to accurately time stamps each record within an absolute accuracy of 250us. The I-FullWaver can be used alongside the V-FullWaver or Elrec Induced polarisation receivers.

The V-FullWaver is a dual channel Induced Polarisation, Resistivity and SP receiver. Continually recording at 10ms sample rate provides a full waveform record. It can be synchronized on the GPS PPS signal, allowing an easy process of the signal. Data on the memory can be downloaded directly on a simple USB stick from all the Fullwavers.

The timeseries recorded by the I&V FullWavers can be post-processed on the dedicated software Fullwaveviewer that allow to adapt the processing according to the signal/noise ratio, to focus on stable and accurate parts of the signal, to remove SP spikes and to resynchronize the data if necessary. This software allows also a rapid automatic process of the data and thus export resistivity and chargeability data to compute a first 3D model in few minutes.

The Fullwaver devices have been designed for the measurement of resistivity, IP and PS on large 3D surfaceswhich can be affected by sharp topography. Depending on the size of the area to investigate, 10 or more V-FullWaver devices can be randomly located on the surface of investigation, performing a continuous measurement. In the meantime, the operator moves a transmitter (typically VIP) and the I-FullWaver on the same surface to perform different injection. At the end of the day, the data has to be copied on a USB key from each FullWaver. If the electrode coordinates have been entered in the devices, a first automatic process can export the resistivity and IP data in Prosys II. You can therefore obtain a first 3D model in few minutes while keeping the possibility to re-process the entire dataset.

Technical Characteristics

Input Current: +/- 25000mA (optional 50A)
GPS GPS input for coordinates and synchronisation
Input Impedance
Channels 1l
Pulse duration
Readings current value
Resolution / Accuracy 0.1 mA / 0.1%
Noise reduction
Storage up to 70 days 2 channels full waveform, stored on solid state memory
Weight 3 Kg (with internal battery)
Operating T -20 to +70°C
General 31x25x15cm weather proof casing