Data processing/management: resistivity & induced polarization:

  • Prosys II V4 Resistivity data management, updated for 3D acquisition – (Download) (pdf)
  • Prosys II V3 Resistivity data management –  Download  pdf
  • Electre Pro 2D/3D Sequence management for Multi-Electrode units  Download  pdf
  • Electre II 2D/3D Sequence management for old Multi-Electrode units Download  pdf
  • Fieldview Real time display of apparent resistivity pseudo section and data quality control  – Download  pdf
  • Comsys Pro Remote control and data management –  Download  pdf
  • FullWave Viewer FullWave Viewer is a software allowing to transfer, display and process a time series IP data Download  pdf
  • FullWave Designer FullWave Designer is a software allowing to create a survey design V2.00 – Download  pdf
  • Sysmar Remote control Acquisition for continuous marine or land  survey V6.04 – Download  pdf
  • ProTester/Switch Tester cables control box management V1.01 –  Download  pdf
  • ProsysView Android App to visualize data from Syscal pro / Elrec available on Google Play store V2.04 – Download  pdf
  • FullWave Locator Android App to locate and store the FullWaver position V1.00 – Download  pdf


  • USB tools IRIS USB tools (check and configure usb port) (Download)
  • USB Driver driver for iris usb link (Download)

Data Processing/Management: Electromagnetic software :