Processing and Interpretation Software

SIPy Studio

Software for SIP data processing optimized for use with PSIP data files but it can be used with all available laboratory SIP data. SIPy Studio can be used to visualize SIP data (phase, impedance, real and imaginary components) for single and multiple files, for time lapse processing and visualization and for cole cole type modeling of the SIP spectra. 

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ERTLab Studio

Advanced modeling and inversion software, with user friendly GUI, for all your electrical resistivity and induced polarization tomography needs.

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Aarhus GeoSoftware


The Res2DInv/Res3DInv inversion software is developed and supported by Aarhus GeoSoftware (AGS)


Download Res2DInv Installer

Download Res2DInv manuals

Download Res2DInv release history


Download Res3DInv Installer

Donwload Res3DInv manuals

Download Res3DInv release history

Additional information, including guides, can be found in AGS’s wiki page

Res2DMod and Res3DMod for forward modeling

Free 2D Resistivity and IP forward modelling software: Download Res2DMod

Free 3D Resistivity and IP forward modelling software: Download Res3DMod