Syscal Multi-TX

The multi-Tx device is one of the most recent instruments developed by RIS Instruments. This resistivity and induced polarization measurement device features three 250W transmitters and six receiving channels to reduce the acquisition time. The underlying technology is based on the CDMA coding of the injected currents, enabling to compute the contribution of each transmitter on the total voltage received on each channel. In other words, in one injection, the multi-Tx is able to perform 18 resistivity and chargeability measurements with accuracy comparable to the Syscal Pro/R1.

This device particularly suits:

  • The monitoring of rapid hydrological processes (when acquisition time must be reduced at constant measurement accuracy)
  • All type of applications with an objective of increase of productivity (water resources, environment, civil engineering)

Technical Characteristics

Voltage 0 – 800 Vpp
Current 3x (0 – 2500) mA
Power Auto controlled Internal 3x250W DC/DC converter
Battery 1 internal rechargeable 12V, 7.2Ah battery for electronics power supply; 1 to 4 external 12V standard car batteries for transmitter.
Pulse duration 250ms, 500ms,1s, 2s, 4s, 8s
Channels 6 channels
Input Impedance 100 MOhms
Input Voltage location [coordinates & synchronisation]
GPS 15V, automatic gain, input protection 1000V
Readings Resistivity, Self potential, Induced polarization ( Up to 20 windows), Quality control, and optional full waveform
Resolution / Accuracy 1 µV / 0.2%
Noise Reduction power line rejection, SP linear drift correction
Storage 44800 readings, stored on solid state memory
Weight 22.5 kg (internal battery)
Operating T -20 to +70°C
General Fiberglass, weather-proof, casing