Syscal Deep Marine

In fresh water environment, the standard Syscal Pro can be used for marine resistivity profiling. However, in highly conductive environment, a modified variant with higher current output is required, the Syscal Deep Marine.


  • 10 Channel instrument (simultaneous collection of 10 resistivity data points corresponding to 10 depth level)
  • Efficient data acquisition; Short current injection time (recording of a set of 10 resistivities at ~ 2 seconds)
  • Ruggedized streamers are available; 13 graphite electrode takeouts. Typical electrode spacings are 5, 10 and 15m. Depending on the depth of the water column, the streamer can either be floated near the water surface or submerged near the seabed.
  • GPS systems can be directly connected to the SYSCAL Pro Deep Marine
    • Certain GPS also offer an echo sounder transducer which can be directly connected to the PC; in that case, the software will integrate the resistivity data with the GPS coordinates and bathymetry.
  • Continuous data collection, transfer and visualization on the controlling pc. Real time graphs and values of resistivity / depth.

Technical Characteristics

Voltage 0 – 200 Vpp
Current 0 – 50000 mA
Power 5000 W
Battery up to 8 DC 12V batteries connected in series
Pulse duration 150ms to 8s
Channels 10, 20 channels
Input Impedance 100 MOhms
Input Voltage 15V, automatic gain, input protection 1000V
GPS location [coordinates],speed and depth (echo sounder)
Readings Resistivity, Self potential, Induced polarization ( Up to 20 windows), Quality control, and optional full waveform
Resolution / Accuracy 1 µV / 0.2%
Noise Reduction power line rejection, SP linear drift correction
Storage 44800 readings, stored on solid state memory
Weight 11 kg (internal Rx / Tx batteries)
Operating T -20 to +70°C
General Fiberglass, weather-proof, casing