Syscal R2

The Syscal R2 unit is a high-power resistivity / IP system designed for groundwater and mineral exploration, environmental, engineering and geological surveys.

This system uses one of the two available external DC sources for current injection:
– A 250W DCDC converter (12V battery powered)
– A 1200W AC/DC converter (motor generator powered)

It can be used with an external Switch Pro box.

The Syscal R2 combined with the 1200W converter is  adapted to reach large depths, suitable for:

  • groundwater exploration
    • detect fault in fractured bedrock aquifers
    • explore groundwater aquifers (depth and thickness).
  • civil engineering
  • groundwater and environmental projects
  • depth-to-bedrock determination
  • localization of weathered bedrock

Technical Characteristics

Voltage 0 – 1600 Vpp
Current 0 – 2500 mA
Power External 250W DC/DC converter and 1200W with external AC/DC
Battery internal battery
Pulse duration 250ms, 500ms,1s, 2s, 4s, 8s
Channels 2 channels
Input Impedance 100 MOhms
Input Voltage 15V, automatic gain, input protection 1000V
Readings Resistivity, Self potential, Induced polarization ( Up to 20 windows), Quality control, and optional full waveform
Resolution / Accuracy 1 µV / 0.2%
Noise Reduction power line rejection, SP linear drift correction
Storage 44800 readings, up to 8 hrs full waveform, stored on solid state memory
Weight 5.2 kg (with internal battery)
Operating T -20 to +70°C
General Fiberglass, weather-proof casing