SIPy Studio

Software for SIP data processing optimized for use with PSIP data files but it can be used with all available laboratory SIP data. SIPy Studio can be used to visualize SIP data (phase, impedance, real and imaginary components) for single and multiple files, for time lapse processing and visualization and for cole cole type modeling of the SIP spectra. 

SIPy studio also offers the option to accurately calculate the geometric factor of experimental columns using conductivity and specific conductance of fluid solutions with known conductivity (user can prepare them).

Trial Versions

You can download a fully featured trial version of SIPyStudio here:

for Windows

for MacOS, and

for Linux [Tested on Ubuntu]

The trial version is valid for 14 days. Upgrade to full licensed version does not require new installation (over the air upgrade).

PSIP files can be readily imported and the measurement details are automatically detected. In addition- any delimited file (e.g. txt, csv) with SIP data can also be imported.

Plots of the data of interest (phase, real and imaginary components) can be generated and customized. Plots can be saved as image files or exported as csv files for use with other software.

Geometric factor calculation is done with the possibility of calculating up to 30-channel PSIP files. The calculated geometric factors can either be imported directly for calculation in SIPy or exported for later use or external analysis.

Time lapse data can also be processed, viewed and saved. User can pick the frequency and files of interest. Additionally, data trend can be estimated (linear fit, power law, polynomial, etc.)

Additional functionality includes modeling with Cole-Cole type models (standard, generalized, Pelton, Cole-Davidson) and the relevant parameters can be extracted. Visual peak detection is also possible.

Debye decomposition inversion and calculation of relaxation time distribution with control on discretization steps included.

Normalized chargeability distribution as well as total chargeability are calculated during Debye decomposition inversion.

Please contact us for quotes and any questions on SIPy Studio data processing and visualization software