KT-10 Magnetic Susceptibility and Conductivity Meters

KT-10 Magnetic Susceptibility and Conductivity Meters

The KT-10 meters are a line of handheld instruments that measure the magnetic susceptibility and/or conductivity of a geological sample or core. The meters are available in circular and rectangular coil designs to measure large or small sized samples, respectively. The KT-10 meters produce repeatable results, and include features such as corrections for split and full cores, the ability to input information to correlate measurements to their appropriate depths, a built-in microphone to record voice notes, and the GeoView data management/visualization software. With its compact and rugged design, the KT-10 meters are ideal instruments for use in the field, core shack, or lab.

Properties measured

  • MS
  • Conductivity / Resisitivity


  • Rock cores
  • Drill cuttings/chips
  • Geology
  • Environmental
  • Archaeology

Available models:

  • Magnetic Susceptibility
    • KT-10 v2 (Circular coil design)
    • KT-10R v2 (Rectangular coil design)
    • KT-10H (high sensitivity) (Circular coil design – Only)
  • Conductivity
    • KT-10C (Circular coil design)
    • KT-10R C (Rectangular coil design)
  • Magnetic Susceptibility / Conductivity Combination
    • KT-10 S/C (Circular coil design)
    • KT-10R S/C(Rectangular coil design)
    • KT-10H S/C (high sensitivity) (Circular coil design – Only)

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