The WiConnect device is a Wi-Fi module for real-time communication with your Syscal or Elrec device.

The WiConnect device allows a wireless connection from your tablet, smartphone or laptop. WiConnect offers the following operations:

  • Rs-Check
  • choose your sequence
  • start, stop, pause the acquisition
  • check the data quality
  • download automatically your data
    • Save to your cloud server
    • email it to your office for faster reporting

New versions of most IRIS Instruments software allow for communicating by Wi-Fi (Prosys II, Electre Pro, Fieldview).

The WiConnect device allows to control the Syscal acquisition and download data from a simple webpage. It can be used from any platform (Windows, Android, Apple) and any device featuring a Wi-Fi connection. You can see measurements (current injected, voltage measured, quality factor, resistivity) or pseudo-section and battery levels in real-time on the webpage.

In addition, an AndroidTM app is available to visualize the pseudo-section of resistivity and chargeability after downloading the data on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Technical Characteristics

WiConnect device
Battery Internal rechargeable (micro USB)
Autonomy 8 hours
Characteristics 8cm x 12cm x 2.5cm, fiberglass casing, weather proof
Weight 200g